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 GM Application of Airell

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PostSubject: GM Application of Airell   Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:32 am

-In-Game Name: iRO= I do not know yet.
tRO= Airell
- Position Applying For: Events GM/ Development GM/ Forum GM (Whichever position you need me. Smile)
- Time Zone: I am in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Canadian Eastern Timezone.
- Age: 16
- MSN: airell_ayos@Hotmail.com
- How Many Hours Will You Be Active?: Will be up for 6 hours but usually, more than that.
- Experience In The Position: I have two friends that are GM presently. I usually watch them script and moderating, so, I kind of getting the hang of being one. But if I' ll be a GM, it is going to be my first. But I am really active mostly in forums looking for people to help. I talk with respect to people and I do not mind helping newbies. Events are my favorite things to do.
- Experience In Ragnarok Online: I played 4 Private servers and an original public server RO. The first RO I played is located in this site: www.levelupgames.ph or www.levelupgames.com. I do not think it still exist but it did 3 years ago ( but it might be back now but it you can only play that Ragnarok public server in Philippines). It's a public server but I think they had a problem and had to close it. My friend in this game though was a GM named Praetor. I always watch him play GM, so, I should not have any problems playing as one. I help people in game and newbies if I know how to. I also am very active in forums. I participate in forum events on every server. Private servers I played for example are AnimaRO, TalonRO, RebirthRO and LaoRO. I played more than 4 private servers but I forgot the names. So basically, I have played about 4-5 years of Ragnarok. Also, events and forums are my enjoyment, so, I will be very good on this job. I know how to do a little bit of web designing and will be able to help and learn if you need me.
- Why Should We Pick You?: I got a lot of Ragnarok experience through different servers. I also have a vast knowledge on item, monsters and such databases. I will be really active and really helpful looking for lags, getting people to play to this server and help moderate the forums, bots and people playing. I also would try to help people as much as I can, go online regularly, focus on this server and be a really good GM. I am really full of ideas but not getting anything right now, of course, because the server is not fully opened yet. I am willing to learn everything that I do not have the wisdom on yet. I will try my best to entertain the people in this server and make the events fun and unique when I become a GM. I believe that events are very important to keep a server and to start server with it. Plus forums needs to be really active too (players that can not log on the same time as their friends or dealers can talk to to each other through forums) but a moderator is needed. I also will, if chosen to be a GM, help look for bugs, lags, etc,. once the patch is complete and the server is on. I will be looking for problems, if there is going to be any. But when the server is settled and opened in public, I will start the events and moderate this server, this server's forums daily and try answering every question of the ones who will be playing on this server. I will also come up with new unique ideas and help in Tech and client issues. I will be honest and trustworthy on every single person in this server (including the GM Team and the Administrator). I got knowledge on html (hope that will help). Also, I am starting to learn how to script. I know the basics of it and will learn more about it. I am a fast learner, so, if there is something that I do not know, just teach me and I will do my best on it. Alright. That is all. Very Happy

I love you

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Eathena Mod
Eathena Mod

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PostSubject: Re: GM Application of Airell   Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:50 am

I believe your last statement was directing to my application and yes it was quite long and tedious but in my defense becoming a GM is not all fun and games and the more thorough your application is, the faster the process of GM Illuminati accurately picking his team. GM Illuminati is serious about this server and I am sure he wants the best team, so reading a little more won't hurt him.

If your last statement was not directed to me I apologize but my point still stands.
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GM Application of Airell
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