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 Oh the Wait..

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GM illuminati

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PostSubject: Oh the Wait..   Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:20 pm

Is gonna last a few more days we were Due to Launch Tomorrow
May 10th 2008, but there are some things still to be worked out.

But you can look forward to..
Fraudulent " GM illuminati showed me some spoilers and .... wow "

Development of Guild Towns-

- 5 custom NPC's of your Choice ( with limitations )
- Map of your choice including Duplicates of Prontera ect.
- Only Alliances and Guild Members may enter your map
- Warp to your map through " Regular Warper " for the Server to see
- 5 Map passes a week to give to "non-Guild / Alliance" members. ( to visit )
- 1 Castle Warp of your Choice
- ( This is NOT free ) to anyone MORE to come

More Slotted Mid Headgears-

- Macho Man Sunglasses [1]
- Angel Wing Ears [1]
- Evil Wing Ears [1]
- Cyclops Eye [1]
- Mini Glasses [1]
- Dark Blinker [1]
- Sunglasses [1]
- Elf Ears [1]
- Blinker [1]

Those are just some spoilers, i didn't even mention
Card Quests, Endless tower, Free Rachel San, MVP System, Arena Quests ,
or any of the other things that there is no end in sight to!! I love you

Please Vote Every day GM illuminati
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Eathena Mod
Eathena Mod

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PostSubject: Re: Oh the Wait..   Thu Jun 12, 2008 2:38 pm

Almost there guys, seriously, Gm Illuminati is so close on finishing it.

Just hang on!

In the meanwhile, get up and do something proactive before you turn into a mindless drone and sit in front of the computer all day once the server is open.
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Oh the Wait..
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