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 GM Application - Yumi

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PostSubject: GM Application - Yumi   Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:50 pm

- In-Game Name: Yumi
- Position Applying For: Events GM, or SubGM to start with. I would like to start small and work my way big.
- Time Zone: GMT -5 I think it is. Eastern Time
- Age: 21
- MSN: yumi_teh_ubercookie@hotmail.com
- How Many Hours Will You Be Active?: In the least a couple hours a day, knowing me probably 5+ hours.
- Experience In The Position: I was AdminGM previous at another server as one of the main gm's however due to problems with the main GM and myself I resigned my position. If you have questions you can ask me otherwise.
- Experience In Ragnarok Online: Been playing for... 4+ years now? I know the game pretty well by now.
- Why Should We Pick You?: You should choose me because I'm very loyal, talented, and creative individual that can be a great asset to having around in the server. I enjoy RO very much and when it comes to public relations, you're not likely to find anyone more experienced in that field than I am. As well as the experimental mentality, I am willing to continue to learn more things about my position, gain that experience, and continue making this server one of the best out there.
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GM Application - Yumi
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