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 Episode 13.1

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GM illuminati

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PostSubject: Episode 13.1   Sat May 31, 2008 3:11 pm

Yes thats right 13.1 Is one its way, as some of you may have already noticed in kRO patcher its been implemented !

What Comes with Episode 13.1 ?


The skill tree window received the following changes:

- A shortened skill list and skill tree view are available from an icon in the top right.
- The skill tree windows have separate tabs for novice + 1st class and 2nd + transcendent class.
- When applying skill points you now make your changes and then click apply (to avoid mis-clicks).
- Skill descriptions can be displayed automatically by mousing over the skill (can be turned on/off).
- Skills that can currently be unlocked are displayed with a pink border.
- Skills that cannot currently be obtained are displayed in grey, with prerequisites shown in red.
- Complete list of prerequisites can be seen now in the skill description.
- Skills that are granted via items are shown on the shortened skill list tab. Note that they will not display in the skill tree display.

New items -

Future Skill Window -

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Episode 13.1
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