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 GM Application - Aimee

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PostSubject: GM Application - Aimee   Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:30 am

I thought I'd introduce myself before going directly into the application itself. As you can see, I'm Aimee, and I've had my eye on this server for a small amount of time, and now that it's going up, I decided I'd just give a shot at joining the server in more ways than one. So here's my application:

- In-Game Name: Aimee

- Position Applying For: Sub/Support GM (Any type of GM except scripting/spriting.)

- Time Zone: +2 GMT

- Age: 15 - Becoming 16 in 7 days.

- MSN: amycc92@gmail.com

- How Many Hours Will You Be Active?: Until the end of August, when I have no school, I'm usually on 8-15 hours on an average day, unless I'm busy on certain days. When school's open, my activity usually goes down to 4-6 hours a day.

- Experience In The Position: I was a GM for the first time 4 years ago. Since then, I've constantly been a GM at one or more servers at once, and I've co-owned a server that went down due to lack of financial aid, been a GM Chief on 2 servers, 1 of which I had to resign from due to players lacking respect for staff members, and 1 which shut down due to disagreement between the staff. I've also been a GM in charge of Player Relations/Support/Events on 6 servers throughout a period of 3 years, and 5 of the servers ended up shutting down. My last position as GM on the server that ended up surviving ended due to me having to resign from playing RO for a year because of a personal issue that I had to go through. I've also temporarily sub-GMed once because of a necessary staff replacement, however it was only a favor for the owner of the server, and only lasted for 2 weeks. I have NOT had any experience in spriting or scripting because I find myself incompetent in those areas, however I am quite familiar with the technical issues that sprout up causing players to call for help to the GMs.

- Experience In Ragnarok Online: I've played for 5 years (1 of those years, the past one, having been quite inactive due to that personal issue mentioned before). My first year was spent purely on iRO, and I only moved to private servers the following year, and have been playing on private servers ever since.

- Why Should We Pick You?: I believe that with such a new server, I would hopefully be able to help the players, and those in higher positions than me, as a means of support. I have a few ideas for events, however, with my previous experiences, I prefer helping people rather than hosting events. I enjoy sitting in town and browsing the forums and just allowing people to come up to me and asking questions that they've been wondering about, and I like helping GMs with favors when they need them. Rather than someone with purely power, I believe I should be picked because I can offer a basis of support for players when they need it.

- Final Note (Advice): As I was reading the rules for GMs in this section of the forums, I noticed that a lot of the rules have to do with GMs trading with other players. I just wanted to suggest the idea of not risking it, and banning GMs from trading people altogether. I know from previous experience that when someone tries trading a GM, vica versa, or when a GM tries dropping an item, it doesn't work. I'm sorry if I made you read this if you already knew about it, but I just wanted to suggest the idea of putting that effect on the GM accounts instead of checking the logs or hoping the GMs don't do it.

That's about all I have to say, if anyone has any questions for me, feel free to do so, either through this topic, PM, or MSN. Thanks. Very Happy

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention this, but I'm fluent in both English and Turkish, a small bit of French, and a small bit of Greek. In case it matters any.

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GM Application - Aimee
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