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 Sub GM Or Event GM application DemonicZero

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PostSubject: Sub GM Or Event GM application DemonicZero   Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:35 pm

- In-Game Name:DeathZero or DemonicZero
- Position Applying For:Sub GM or Event GM
- Time Zone: -08:00 West Coast (PST)
- Age: 16
- MSN:death_hell_zero@hotmail.com
- How Many Hours Will You Be Active?:6-9 hours
- Experience In The Position: Been to alot of events like Tarot Card Roulet and leprican attackings also monsters attack prontera etc... Helped people with problems during the game if they have questions but i dont help people who ask for stuff or p lvls etc...
- Experience In Ragnarok Online:EarthBound Ro Blackout Ro Anima(which is now anthem)and essence i played servers for like 5 or 4 years
- Why Should We Pick You?:I like to create different ideas for events and love to have fun with them and to make sure the players have fun with it.
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Sub GM Or Event GM application DemonicZero
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