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 GM Applicant: Choice

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Lord Choice

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PostSubject: GM Applicant: Choice   Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:10 pm

- In-Game Name: Choice and Lord Choice, etc etc Very Happy

- Position Applying For: Support GM or where i am needed

- Time Zone: GMT+0

- Age: 24 years

- MSN: ask and it may be given

- How Many Hours Will You Be Active?: normally too much lol, about 6 hours per day, sometimes less. next two weeks my g/f is away in Canada thou so as i'm home alone i will have more time

- Experience In The Position: helped create a freinds RO server, but he went back to W0W >_>. have a server on my PC atm, so i'm used to some things. I know a bit about scripting thou, having created the odd shop or two, and creating custom weps and gears for my test server on my PC, ,thou, i would still class myself as begining to learn the ropes.

- Experience In Ragnarok Online: just over 1 year on International RO, erm 1.6 years on aRO, just over 1 year on TalonRO, and numerious other servers i play on also such as immortalRO,rebirthRO,blackoutRO,insominacsRO, and some others, but man they;re so shit >_>

- Why Should We Pick You? cos you love me!! because i feel i would be dedicated at resolving issues around support for players, improving and suggesting idea's for the server, helping to create a great atmosphere for all players to enjoy, hm, i'm not good at self appraisal, but i would be dedicated, committed, reliable, fun, honest, trustworthy, and i want to go the next step in my RO gameplay enjoyment and hopefully suggesting some cool ideas to improve this server and to be part of something awesume Very Happy.


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GM Applicant: Choice
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