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 BlackHawkDown GM <Application>

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PostSubject: BlackHawkDown GM <Application>   Wed Jun 25, 2008 3:23 am

- In-Game Name: Darkhala

- Position Applying For:GM/Events GM/Technical Support GM/Development GM

- Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

- Age: 15

- MSN: dilloncain@live.com

- How Many Hours Will You Be Active?: 20+ Hours A Week

- Experience In The Position: I've Had experience with many different modding sites. I've Had experience with different private ro servers as well. I've mostly had private wow servers and im really involved when it comes to gaming and GM duties. I have a couple 70's on wow which take a while to get up so im commited to gaming. I am very good at finding technical errors and quickly fixing the issues. I am also fairly decent when it comes to scripting, although I only have a couple years of experience with it (so I cannot yet say I have mastered it.)

- Experience In Ragnarok Online: 4 Years including AnimaRO and helping friends get their smaller private servers up and running

- Why Should We Pick You?:When I say i'm going to do something I commit myself to it fully. I think that if you accepted me you would get even more people to come to your server. I am a very creative person, and I would be very helpful with bringing new innovative techniques to the table.
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BlackHawkDown GM <Application>
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